City of Palmview

City Attorney

The duties of the City Attorney shall be to:

1. Serve as legal adviser to the City Council, to all offices, departments, and agencies of the City, and to all officers and employees of the City as authorized by the City Manager.  2. Perform all services incident to his or her position as may be required by statute, this Charter, ordinances, or as directed by the City Council.

The City Council may retain special counsel at any time it deems such action appropriate or necessary.

Eric Daniel Flores

Eric Daniel Flores

Attorney at Law

Eric Flores has been licensed for 1 year and handles cases in Contracts & Agreements, Juvenile, Criminal Defense, Administrative Law, Insurance. Eric Daniel Flores attended Thurgood Marshall School of Law and has an office in Mission, TX.

Professional Affiliations:

Contact Information

Office is located at:
2407 N. Shary Rd Ste. B
Mission, TX 78574
(956) 821-9649

The City Secretary maintains permanent records including Minutes of meeting proceedings, Ordinances, Resolutions, Official Budgets, Easements, and Deeds.  Other records maintained in this office include agreements, contracts, and administrative files.

The City Council meets regularly on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. The meetings are held at Palmview City Hall at 400 W. Veterans Blvd. Palmview, Texas.

The agenda is posted in a hard copy on the bulletin board located outside the City Hall building and are posted 72 hours before the meeting date as required by law.  The agenda is also posted on the city’s website at  Courtesy copies are provided at the meeting and/or are available upon request in the City Secretary’s Office.

The request must be submitted in written form: 1) By dedicated email at; 2) By fax (956) 581-7494; or 3) In person at Palmview City Hall, 400 W. Veterans Blvd. Palmview, TX. Refer to the Rights/Responsibilities under the Public Information Act notice for additional information.

Elections for City Council seats are held every two years on even-numbered years and are held in November.  Periodically, elections for referendums or propositions may be called to be held at either a May or November, uniform election date.

The requirements to run for office is a combination of statutory and charter requirements.  Kindly refer to the City Charter and Texas Election Code for requirements.