City of Palmview

The City Council is the legislative body that governs the City. As set by the City Charter, the City Council is comprised of the Mayor and five Councilman. Six Council Members are elected by all voters of the City. The Council Members are elected every four years, in even-numbered years. The Palmview City Council is committed to making Palmview a great place to Live, Work, and Raise a Family.


Ricardo Villarreal

Mayor Pro-Tem

Jose Luis Perez


Javier Ramirez


Alexandra Flores


Arlando Nacianceno


Joel Garcia Sr.


The Palmview City Council meets in regularly scheduled meetings on the First (1st) and Third (3rd) Tuesday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at Palmview City Hall, 400 W. Veterans Blvd. Palmview, Texas.   Special Meetings may be called from time to time, provided that public notice is posted as required by state law.  Work Sessions (a/k/a Workshops) may occasionally be held for matters that require a more in-depth discussion and exchange of information including briefings and presentations.  Workshops are also subject to the notice requirement. 

Notice Requirement: Agenda Notices for all meetings and workshops are posted on the bulletin board at City Hall (located on the outside of building) – a place convenient and readily accessible to the public.  Notice are also posted on the City’s website at  All notices are required to be posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting in accordance with Chapter 551 of the Government Code, Vernon’s Texas Codes, Annotated (Open Meetings Act).  On occasion, technical difficulties may hinder posting of agendas on the website in a timely manner; nonetheless, the meeting may be held as long as the physical copy was posted at City Hall in a timely manner pursuant to state law.

Closed Sessions: A closed session may be held at any time during the course of a regular meeting under Texas Government Code 551.071(2) to confer with its legal counsel on any subject matter of said agenda.  Should any final action, decision, or final vote be required on any item discussed during the executive session, said action will be made in open session.