Palmview Fire Department Personnel Assisting with EMS Service in Houston Area

Posted on July 10, 2024

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PALMVIEW, Texas- Palmview Fire Department crew members are on an official state mission following Hurricane Beryl. As part of the state’s Emergency Medical Task Force, the City of Palmview Fire Department stands ready to assist when needed.

The Palmview crew was deployed on July 8 following a call from the State Operations Center asking for assistance in the Corpus Christi area. However, they received orders to head to Houston where they are now providing emergency medical service.

The Palmview Fire Department personnel are certified as firefighters and by the State Health Department of Health Services to provide emergency medical services.

Palmview Fire Chief Jerry Alaniz says this is their first deployment since becoming part of the Task Force in January. “ We sent one Intensive Care Ambulance with one paramedic and one EMT Basic member. They are responding to 9-1-1 calls and helping with search and rescue operations. We pray for their safe deployment.”

Other members of the Task Force include the Brownsville Fire Department, the South Texas Emergency Care Foundation, Pharr EMS, and the Willacy County EMS.



Palmview Ambulance

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