Public Works Department

The Palmview Department of Public Works provides important public services to citizens, residents and travelers. Everyone within the City is somehow affected by Public Works, whether it’s traveling on a City roadway, crossing a bridge, disposing of refuse, or using many of the other municipal services.

Street Pavement Project

The Agua Special Utility District (SUD) Wastewater Collection System project is a $42.2 million investment for new infrastructure in Palmview.  Although the project includes $770,000 for patching streets that are damaged during installation of wastewater lines, Agua has agreed to forward those funds to the City of Palmview so that the entire streets may be paved instead.  The City will add an additional $1.5 million to the project.  Agua and the City are investing more than $2.3 million to pave the affected streets.

The City cannot pave streets until Agua completes its work.  Once Agua completes its work, then the City will pave the street within two weeks.  Questions regarding damage resulting from sinkholes or collapsed streets may be handled by Agua or their contractors.


Veterans Blvd. Expansion Presentation

Palmview Sewer Collection Project
Status of Street Construction
Street Contractor Release Date Completion Date
Valle Bella Dr. L&G Construction
Flor Ln L&G Construction
Ariel Dr. L&G Construction
Alexander Dr. L&G Construction
Chihuahua St. L&G Construction
Agua Dulce L&G Construction
Durango St. L&G Construction
Guadalajara St. L&G Construction
Tierra Linda Circle West L&G Construction
Flores Drive L&G Construction
Mazatlan L&G Construction
Tampico L&G Construction
Tierra Linda Circle East L&G Construction
Tierra Linda Blvd. L&G Construction
Nogales L&G Construction
Royola St. L&G Construction
Roque Salinas L&G Construction
Marla St. L&G Construction
Foshee St. L&G Construction
Dave St. L&G Construction
Sunni St. L&G Construction
Minnesota (South) L&G Construction
Greene St. L&G Construction

The streets are the sole property of the City — not Agua SUD.  Please contact the City at 956.432.0300 with questions or problems you may have on street paving.  Questions about the wastewater collection system may be answered by Agua SUD at 956.585.2459.  Thank you for your patience as we invest in our community.