About Palmview, TX


The City of Palmview was incorporated upon an election held on April 15, 1972 stemming from the submission of an application that bared signatures of more than 20 qualified voters of the town of Palmview in conformity of the law - a town of approximately 200 inhabitants.  With a mere 46 votes in favor of incorporation and 14 votes against, the measure was approved and the Town of Palmview was officially a City under Chapter 11, Title 28, Revised Civil Statutes of 1925 of the State of Texas and amendments thereto.


Palmview is a community rich in culture, beauty, and history and is centrally located in a fast-growing Hidalgo County, located between Falcon Dam and South Padre Island within one hour in each direction.  Palmview is conveniently located to valley tourist attractions and birding hot spots, from when the sun rises to the time it sets...there are so many things to do and see.

Palmview enjoys beautiful tropical weather all year round with an average annual temperature of 74.25 degrees, making Palmview a great place to escape the winter chill.  Palmview welcomes people from our neighboring countries to the north and south, all over the United States, and the farthest corners of the globe.  We welcome our Winter Texans each year and celebrate those who have decided to call Palmview "home"

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