Palmview Finances at Your Fingertips

Posted on March 31, 2023

PALMVIEW, Texas-The City of Palmview invites you to keep up to date with the City’s finances via the Palmview website.  Last year, the city implemented financial management software that allows you to view the latest city budget.

The software is ClearGov, and it allows you to see our complete budget, how it was put together, where, and how money is being spent, the debt incurred, and the latest statistical data relating to the population and particular groups that live and work in Palmview.  You can also view each department’s budget.

At the same time, the software allows the city to operate more effectively and efficiently as it eliminates Excel spreadsheets using a more modern cloud-based system.

The City of Palmview operates on a Fiscal budget that starts on October 1 and ends on September 30 of each year.  By law, a new budget must be presented, balanced, and approved by the City Council each year before October 1.  Furthermore, the Palmview City Charter requires that the annual budget be adopted by September 15.

We invite you to view and keep up with our finances here:


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