Palmview Municipal Development District Recognizes Past Members

Posted on May 11, 2023

PALMVIEW, Texas-The Palmview Municipal Development District (PMDD) recently paid homage to two former board members.  During the meeting of May 3, the PMDD recognized  Noe Hernandez and Steve Bonilla for their service to the community.

PMDD board members are appointed by the City Council and serve two-year terms. The board is made up of seven members who volunteer their time.  Their responsibility is to research, develop, and prepare an economic plan for the city that will create jobs.

The PMDD also assists and supports the city in major infrastructure projects to attract business development.

The PMDD and the City of Palmview thank Noe Hernandez and Steve Bonilla for their dedicated service to the community.


(Pictured L-R: City Manager Michael Leo, PMDD Members Jose Luis Perez, Ricardo Villarreal, PMDD Past President Noe Hernandez, President Espie Ochoa, PMDD Members Ana Alaniz, and  Lucy Rosales.)


(Pictured L-R:PMDD Past Member Steve Bonilla and PMDD President Espie Ochoa)


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