Palmview Police Warn of Scam Using “Spoofed” Department Phone Number

Posted on April 18, 2024

Palmview Police Badge

PALMVIEW, Texas-The Palmview Police Department is warning residents of a reported phone scam.  According to a report received from a concerned citizen, he received a call from an individual claiming to be from the Palmview Police Department.

The caller ID matched the Palmview PD non-emergency number 956-432-0303.  The female scammer, speaking only in Spanish, requested his personal information which he did not provide.

Palmview Police Chief Jose Trevino says the resident did the right thing by reporting the call to the department and he reminds the community that Palmview PD will not call you unless you have a case with the department, and should that be the case, the call will not be from the PD’s non-emergency number.

Chief Trevino says scammers can be very convincing, demanding, and may even portray themselves as being helpful.  He says if you get a suspicious call like this one from the PPD non-emergency number (956) 432-0303, you should hang up and call the number back.  It will be answered by the Palmview Police Department Dispatch Center who will take your information or have you speak to a police officer.



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