Palmview to Distribute Hundreds of Toys Throughout the Community

PALMVIEW, Texas- City of Palmview staff and elected officials will visit as many homes as possible on Wednesday, December 21 to distribute toys to children in the community. It’s part of the City’s annual Toy Drive Giveaway.

For more than a month, the city has been collecting toy donations through special events such as the Guns & Hoses Basketball Game, a Baseball Tournament, a Basketball Tournament, donations boxes placed throughout the city, as well as donations made by local businesses such as La Popular and Xtreme RPM.

A caravan of staff and volunteers will depart the City of Palmview Gym located at 406 W. Veterans at 10 a.m.

The group along with Santa Claus will distribute close to 1,000 toys collected and candy bags.

The city has five groups that will visit designated areas in the Community where the need may be greater than other areas of the city.

The caravan will continue until all the toys are distributed.








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