Palmview to Waive Permit Fees for Storm Repairs

PALMVIEW, Texas- To assist residents with their recovery after the April 29 storm, the City of Palmview is waiving permit fees for storm-related damages.

From now through May 19 all permit fees will be waived so long as photos are provided to show the damages.

The city’s permitting staff is prioritizing these permit applications to help the residents make the needed repairs.

As a reminder, permits are still required, and all applicable plans and documents needed for the issuance of a building permit will still need to be submitted for review, approval, and record retention.

The Building Permit Application can be found on the city website and residents can download, print, and fill out before coming to city hall.

The application is available via the  following link:

The waiver will be available for the next three weeks.  After May 19, the regular permit fees will apply.




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