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Michael Leo City Manager 956-432-0320 Email
Irma Garza Chief of Staff/Public Relations Officer 956-432-0300 Email
Sebastian Lozano Code Enforcement Officer 956-522-8776 Email
Rodolfo Flores III Planning Director 956-432-0323 Email
Robert Lugo Parks & Rec. Director 956-432-0311 Email
Yvette Cantu Court Administrator 956-432-0329 Email
Jesus Bazaldua Facility Supervisor 956-432-0381 Email
Annette Villarreal City Secretary 956-432-0324 Email
Rose Villegas Planning Dept. Admin Supervisor 956-432-0326 Email
Rick Ramos GIS Specialist 956-432-0305 Email
Beija Garcia Police Administrative Clerk 956-432-0341 Email
Gerardo Villarreal Human Resource Director 956-432-0328 Email
Leticia C. Salinas Human Resource Clerk 956-432-0349 Email
Arely Barrera Finance Director 956-432-0325 Email
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