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How do I get a library card?

Visit the Palmview Municipal Library and sign up for a library card. When applying for a library card, proper photo identification with the current address is required. The following documentation is acceptable: driver license, state issued ID, or passport.

What is storm water?

Storm water is generally rain that runs off surfaces that cannot absorb water. These surfaces include rooftops, pavements, and compacted gravel lots. as water flows on these surfaces towards the storm drains, it picks up pollutants such as sediment, pet waste, oil, grease, fertilizers, chemicals and whatever else is on the ground and makes its … Continued

Why protect storm water?

Our storm drain system, unlike the sanitary sewer system that comes from your house receives no treatment before it eventually reaches the Laguna Madre. The pollutants it picks up on its way there has potential of harming fish and other wildlife and polluting large areas of water.

Does storm water cause flooding and problems; what can we do about it?

The excess runoff caused by the decrease in absorption can cause flooding, in addition, garbage picked up by these waters can also clog the drainage system, causing a slowdown in the drainage ability of the City’s system. A combination of these two events has the potential to cause flooding within the city. What could be … Continued

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