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How can I file a police report?

For incidents occurring in Palmview, file in the lobby at 400 W. Veterans Blvd Palmview, TX 78572, or call 956.432.0303 or call the city where incident occurred; if occurred in county jurisdiction, call Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department to (956) 383-8114.

How do I get a driver license?

Obtaining a license in Texas is done through the Texas Department of Public Safety. Driver License | Department of Public Safety (texas.gov)

How do I find a hospital?

The nearest hospital is the Mission Regional Medical Center which is approximately 5 miles east of Palmview off of Interstate Highway 2 900 S. Bryan Rd, Mission, TX 78572

How do I get a plat prepared?

A licensed professional engineer will be required to prepare a plat. You can locate a professional engineer or surveyor by contacting the Texas Society of Professional Engineers or the Texas Surveyor’s Association or by looking in your local phone directory.

When is a plat not required?

According to the Texas Local Government Code, the platting process is required unless all of the following conditions are met: The division results in parcels of land that each contain an area greater than five (5) acres, each parcel has access to a public street, and no public improvement is being dedicated.

What is a plat?

A plat is the official map of an addition or subdivision, showing the number and dimensions of lots, public rights-of-way, and easements. The plat must be filed with the County Clerk after the City has approved it.

How do I change the zoning on my property?

An application for a rezoning request is submitted to the Planning Department. Once the Planning Department has adequately reviewed the case, it goes before the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration. It is then forwarded to City Council for consideration and action. The City Council is the final approval authority for rezoning requests.

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