FAQ Topic: Taxes

Who determines the value of my house?

The value of most property in Palmview is determined by the Hidalgo County Appraisal District, a separate governmental agency authorized by the Texas Legislature. The city does not set the value of your home. 

Does the City of Palmview receive the entire 8.25%?

No. The 8.25% sales tax is distributed among three separate entities as follows: City of Palmview – 1.50% Palmview Municipal Development District – 0.50% State of Texas – 6.25% Total Sales Tax Rate – 8.25% The State of Texas is responsible for determining its sales tax percentage.

What is the city’s tax rate and who sets it?

The City’s 2021-2022 fiscal year tax rate is $0.5001 per $100 assessed valuation. City Charter states it is the responsibility of the City Council to set the tax rate. To calculate your city tax bill you must divide the taxable assessed valuation of your home by $100, and then multiply that figure by $0.5001. For … Continued

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