Chromebook Use Policy


A library card is required for Chromebook use. Patrons are only allowed one library card for the Hidalgo County Library System. Violation of the Internet Use and Safety Policy or the use of a Library other than the account patron will result in suspension of computer and Internet use privileges. We do not use guest passes.

Chromebook use

  • Library Card – Required
  • Time Limit – 4 hours (additional time can be granted if required and if patrons are not waiting).
  • Patrons with pending overdue items – No Chromebook use
  • Outstanding account balance – No Chromebook use

Authorized Borrowers

  • All residents of the City of Palmview
  • All residents of Hidalgo County
  • All out of state residents
  • TexShare card holders


A library card is required to borrow items. An official driver license, state identification, passport, etc., and proof of current address is required for obtaining a library card.

A patron may check out 10 books, including audiobooks, for a duration of two weeks. Adults can check out four (4) DVDs for three (3) days. Patrons under the age of 18 cannot check out DVDs, audiobooks, or other books from the main collection other than books available in the juvenile and young adult sections.

All borrowers are responsible for returning the material on time and in the same condition as it was checked out.

Fines and Fees

The overdue charge for books is $0.15 per day per book, with a limit up to the cost of the book. The overdue charge for DVDs is $1.00 per title per day with a limit up to the cost of the DVD.

Fines will continue to accumulate daily on all overdue items until the items are returned and checked in. If an overdue item is returned late, the borrower is responsible for the payment of all fines that accumulate while the item is overdue.

Lost or Damaged Material

The library will charge the patron for lost items or materials damaged beyond repair. The fee charged will be the price of the material plus a $3.00 processing fee.

If an item is damaged but repairable, there will be a $3.00 processing/repair fee.

The Palmview Municipal Library will not accept physical replacement of the lost item. Once the library system receives payment for a lost item. Once the library system receives payment for a lost item, the item becomes the property of the patron. However, if a lost item is found and was paid for, the patron will have a period of two weeks from the date of payment in which the patron is eligible for a full refund, except for the $3.00 processing fee., based upon the return and condition of the item. The patron becomes ineligible for the refund once the two weeks have expired. Unique situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Service Fee and Fine Charges

The following fees were approved by the Palmview City Commission:

  1. Regular copies (black & white)                    $0.15
  2. Color copies (per page)                               $0.50
  3. Faxes (per page)                                         $1.00
  4. Book late fee (charged per day per book)   $0.15
  5. Movie late fee (charged per day per title)    $1.00
  6. Lost Book (price of book + $3.00 processing fee
  7. Lost DVD (price of DVD + $3.00 processing fee
  8. Scanning (per page)                                    $0.25
  9. Computer Printouts (per page)                    $0.15
  10. Color Computer printouts (per page)           $0.50
  11. First lost library card                                    $1.00
  12. Second lost library card                               $2.00
  13. Third + lost library card                                $5.00

Accessing flash drives for patrons at the front desk for printing purposes is not allowed.

Emailing scanned documents to patrons is not allowed. The patron is required to have a flash drive to scan any documents.

The Palmview Municipal Library is not responsible for DVDs or audio discs unable to be read on disc reading devices after cleaning (removal of scratches).

Blue-ray disks cannot be cleaned at this facility.


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