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The Finance Department is responsible for preparing the City’s budget. The Finance Department develops the budget by working with the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and department heads to determine the most efficient and effective distribution of funds manner to meet City priorities. The budget is approved and adopted by the City Council. The City’s fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.

Budget Regulations & Policies

The adopted budget and any adopted amended budgets for any given fiscal year are provided by the Finance Department to ensure transparency in the distribution and use of City funds. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens so taxpayers can see exactly where their money is going. The Finance Department makes every effort to ensure the documents and other information presented are accurate, reliable, and current. The adopted budget is subject to revisions through proper amendments approved by the City Council during the course of a given fiscal year.

FY 2022 Budget, Property Tax Rate

The City’s 2021-2022 fiscal year tax rate is $0.5001 per $100 assessed valuation. City Charter states it is the responsibility of the City Council to set the tax rate. To calculate your city tax bill you must divide the taxable assessed valuation of your home by $100, and then multiply that figure by $0.5001. For example, John and Jane Citizen own a $27,262 home. Their city property tax portion is calculated as follows:

  • Taxable Assessed Valuation = $27,262
  • Divided by $100 = $272.62
  • Multiplied by $0.5001 = $136.34
  • $136.34 = Please note this is the City’s portion of your annual tax bill, not your total tax bill.

To find your current house property tax rates click here under Taxing Jurisdiction (City of Palmview)

Fiscal Year 2022 takes place Oct. 1, 2021 through Sept. 30, 2022. The City Council approved , Sept. 9, 2021, a $(amount) budget for Fiscal Year 2022 focused on infrastructure spending and new programs designed to meet the demands of a growing community. The budget includes a record amount for road construction and a new mental health response team to deal with increasing challenges faced by public safety officers.

FY 2022 Adopted Budget Breakdown

Total Budget for FY 2022 $million
General Fund $million
Total Capital Investment Program $million
All Other* $million

Timeline for adopted FY 2022 budget

Each spring, the City begins the annual budget process to determine the needs of the City. Budget discussions provide a starting point for the City Council’s priorities for specific programs and projects to be funded for the upcoming fiscal year. The following timeline includes the discussion and action that took place for the FY 2022 budget, which is Oct. 1, 2021 through Sept. 30, 2022:

JULY 22, 2021 — City Council holds annual budget workshop. View the FY 2022 Budget Workshop Presentation and the FY 2022 Proposed Budget Workshop Book.

JULY 22, 2021 — Vote to approve Fiscal 2021 operating budget for the

JULY 25, 2021

AUG 10, 2021 — City Council holds packet briefing and budget work session on the proposed budget and tax rate

AUG 12, 2021 — Regular City Council meeting

  • Council vote to publish and propose maximum tax rate, set public hearings

AUG 24, 2021 — City Council packet briefing and work session on the proposed budget and tax rate

AUG 26, 2021 — Regular City Council meeting

  • Budget and tax rate public hearings
  • First reading of tax rate and budget ordinances
  • Authorized Purchases List

SEP 7, 2021 — City Council packet briefing and work session on the proposed budget and tax rate

SEP 9, 2021 — Regular City Council meeting

  • Final adoption of tax rate and budget ordinances
  • Ratify property tax rate
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