Sales Tax

Sales Tax in Palmview

A sales tax is levied on all taxable goods and services sold within the city as defined by state law. The tax is remitted to the State Comptroller of Public Accounts who distributes a portion back to the city each month.

Sales Tax Breakdown

The sales tax rate in Palmview is 8.25%. Below is a table showing who receives a portion of the tax levied.

Distribution  Sales Tax
State 6.25%
City 1.50%
Palmview Municipal Development District 0.50%

Mixed Beverage Tax

Another tax levied by the state comptroller is the mixed beverage tax. This tax is charged on all mixed drinks and package liquor sold in the city.

For More Information
For questions regarding sales tax and rates, please contact the Texas State Comptroller’s Office at 800-531-5441 or visit the¬†Texas Comptroller’s website.

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