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FAQ Topic: Police FAQs

How can I file a police report?

For incidents occurring in Palmview, file in the lobby at 400 W. Veterans Blvd Palmview, TX 78572, or call 956.432.0303 or call the city where incident occurred; if occurred in county jurisdiction, call Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department to (956) 383-8114.

How do I get a driver license?

Obtaining a license in Texas is done through the Texas Department of Public Safety. Driver License | Department of Public Safety (texas.gov)

What is the fee for a copy of a report?

Crash Reports: Standard: $6.00 Certified: $8.00 Incident Reports: Typically there is no fee for a copy of a public report (If you are an involved party). Open Records Requests: Charges vary based on the nature of the request.

How do I obtain a copy of an crash report?

Complete the Crash Report Request Form Provide a copy of your photo ID For attorneys, insurance companies or other representatives, please provide a letter of authorization of a letter of representation for your client / insured. Turn in the above paperwork in person at the Palmview Police Department, or mail the information to 400 W. … Continued

Open Carry Texas?

The Open Carry law allows a license holder to “open carry” a holstered handgun or firearm, though gun laws are complex. We encourage residents to determine whether gun laws allow a person to openly carry a firearm at a particular location. To learn more about Open Carry, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website. … Continued

What do I do about noisy neighbors or too loud music?

Call the Police Department at 956-432-0303 and give them the address to where the noise is coming from. You can remain anonymous if you desire. Also keep in mind that City Ordinance #, allows for music to be played Sunday – Thursday until 10:00 PM and Friday and Saturday until 12:00 AM (midnight). If the … Continued

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