Animal Control

The Animal Control Division is responsible for the following animal issues in the City of Palmview:

  • Animals running at large
  • Enforcement of the leash law
  • Estray animals
  • Rabies control

Spay & Neuter

We highly encourage the public to have their animals spayed and neutered due to the high amounts of animals running at large. This is in place to control the animal population.

What we pick up

City of Palmview Animal Control division will only pick up the following stray domestic animals as space at the animal shelters allow:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Opossum (only in certain cases)

City of Palmview Animal Control will only accept owner surrenders when space is available.

The Animal Control Office is not located at a shelter; please do not bring any animals into the office building.

Owner Surrenders

The space is very limited and we must be selective of the animals we accept. Owners who wish to surrender their animals are advised to attempt to make other adoption arrangements prior to calling our Animal control division as we are likely already at max capacity.


Please call our Animal Control Officer to make arrangements to surrender the animal as our space is limited and we do not accept over the counter surrenders. Once the animal is dropped off or picked up, the animal shelter will decide the final disposition of the animal. The number for our Animal Control Officer is 956-432-0300 and the office is located at 400 W. Veterans Blvd in Palmview.

Leash law

There is a leash law meaning all dogs must be contained to your property or on a leash at all times. Any dogs not on a leash or contained within their property are subject to being impounded and taken to the animal shelter

Lost pet

If you have lost a pet, please call us 956-432-0300 to verify if we picked up your pet. Any resident of Palmview who finds a lost pet is encouraged to contact animal control at 956-432-0300 and they will be able to take the animal to the shelter, when available.

Notice of stray animals

City of Palmview Animal Control Services houses their animals at the City of La Joya Animal facility. The facility houses 30 kennels for the stray, abandoned, and abused dogs/cats. If a stray animal is picked up they will be taken to City of La Joya for holding. If you suspect that your animal has been picked up please call 956-432-0300. Residents should call in stray dogs to Animal Control at 956-432-0300


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