When is a Permit Required?


Installation or moving of an appliance when the installation or move requires the modification or new installation of gas lines, drains, vents or electrical circuits. A permit is required for replacement of a hot water heater, furnace, or air conditioner.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Moving an existing fixture or installing a new fixture that requires modifying existing or installing new water lines, drains or vents. A permit is required for installing showers and bathtubs, even if they are going in the same location.


All carport installations require a permit. A permit is required to convert an existing carport into a garage; a carport is considered a garage when enclosed on three sides.


A permit shall be obtained for the installation of all decks, if deck is greater than 30 inches above grade at any point, more than 200 square feet, attached to another structure, or has a roof assembly overhead.  Any repair or replacement of existing structural members, handrails, deck boards or stairs of a deck requires a permit if the prior listed criteria is applicable.

Doors, Skylights and Windows

A permit is required for all construction, alterations and repairs to interior or exterior doors (if alteration of framing is required), skylights, and windows.


The installation of a paved driveway requires a permit.  Please contact the Permits & Code Department for specific requirements.

Electrical Circuits and Service

All electrical permits and inspections are handled by the Permits department.

Emergency Work

When equipment replacements or repairs must be performed in an emergency situation, work may be performed prior to obtaining a permit; however, a permit for such work must be obtained on the first working day after such work has been performed.


A permit is required for the construction or alteration of a fence and must meet setback and height requirements as established in the zoning code.

Fireplaces, Wood Burning Stoves and Inserts

Any installation, construction, alteration or repair of a fireplace, fireplace insert, pellet stove or similar device requires a permit.


A permit is required for installing, moving or replacing a furnace and/or heat pump. A permit is also required for extending or replacing ductwork.


All garage installations require a permit, as well as any alteration, enlargement or repair of an existing garage. A permit is required for the conversion of an existing garage into a living space.

Garden Fountains and Decorative Pools

A permit is required for installing or moving garden fountains or decorative pools that are more than 24 inches deep. Fountains and decorative pools should be provided with cross connection control devices if supplied with an automated source of water.

Gas Piping

A permit is required for installing new gas lines or modifying existing lines for such items as barbecues, cook tops, dryers, and gas hot water tanks.

Home Businesses

Prior to startup of a home business, please contact the Planning Department regarding site specific zoning restrictions.

Home Security Systems

A permit is not required for installing a wireless home security system with a plug-in transformer.

Interior-Only Remodels

A permit is required for a remodel that changes the interior of the house, such as creating new walls or converting basements to living areas.

Irrigation Systems

A permit is required for the backflow prevention device on a lawn or garden irrigation system.


A permit is not required for landscaping unless the total amount of excavation or fill dirt exceeds maximum thresholds or the subject property contains critical areas (steep slopes, wetlands, streams, etc).  If the thresholds are exceeded, the appropriate permit must be obtained.  Depending on whether the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) is involved, review and approval may be required by the Planning Department.  For questions concerning the SEPA process, please contact the Planning Department.

Low Voltage Systems

A permit is not required for low voltage telephone or data lines.


A permit is required for patios.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls over four feet high, measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall, will require a permit.


A permit is required for roofing projects that include the installation of new roofing material or the modification or replacement of the sheathing.

Solar Panel Collectors

A permit is required for the installation or modification of solar panel collectors.

Spas and Saunas

A permit is required for installation of spas and saunas.

Storage Sheds and Gazebos

Detached accessory structures used as storage sheds or similar uses require a permit if the floor area exceeds 200 square feet.  These accessory structures shall comply with the required setbacks as stated in the zoning code. If purchasing storage from vendor, a permit is required to move shed onto property.

Swimming Pools and Swim Spas

Swimming pools and spas 24 inches deep or greater require a permit.

Water Heaters

A permit is required to install, repair, replace, alter, or remove a water heater.

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