Campaign finance reports

The City Secretary serves as filing authority of Campaign/Officeholder Finance Reports under Title 15 of the Texas Election Code, which is governed by the Texas Ethics Commission.  City Charter requires filing a Campaign Treasurer Appointment upon filing for office and before making campaign expenditures or accepting campaign contributions.  The filing of a Campaign Treasure Appointment thereafter triggers filing requirements under Title 15 for opposed candidates to file campaign finance reports 30 days and 8 days prior to Election Day - as well as 8 days prior to a Run-off Election Day.

If the unsuccessful candidate does not expect to accept any further campaign contributions or to make any further campaign expenditures, he/she should file a Final Report to be relieved of further filing requirements; otherwise, the candidate must continue filing reports on semi-annual reporting dates.  Accordingly, Officeholders are required to file reports semi-annually on January 15th and July 15th each year throughout the duration of their respective term in office.

The City Secretary's role is limited to providing the various forms, accepting the completed reports and noting the date/time of the filing and is not expected to comment on sufficiency of reports filed.  For more information on campaign finance, visit

NEW:  Effective 9/1/2023, Campaign/Officeholder Finance Reports filed on or after September 1, 2023 are required to be posted on the city's website no later than 10 business days after receipt and must be archived for five years from the date of posting.

COH form 2024

Reports filed

January 16, 2024 Officeholder Reports

AFlores BHernandez JLPerez RVillarreal

30th day before Election Day for May 4, 2024 Election (Candidate filing due April 4, 2024)

AFlores EOrtiz ESanchez JRamirez

8th day before Election Day for May 4, 2024 Election

8th day before June 15, 2024 Run-off Election Day, if necessary

July 15, 2024 Semi-Annual Report

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